Ramsey Sound

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TEL has successfully installed a single DeltaStream unit off the coast of Pembrokeshire at Ramsey Sound. The project is being used to demonstrate the capability of DeltaStream as a tidal stream generator and will provide evidence on how the device interacts with the environment around it.

During its deployment, the device will be connected to the local distribution network, allowing the electricity generated by it to contribute to the renewable energy targets of the Welsh Government.

A Lease Agreement has been signed with The Crown Estate for a test development programme for up to seven years.

Site Selection

Ramsey Sound was chosen as an ideal location for the project after an extensive site selection programme. Initially the investigation covered the whole of the UK, identifying 24 potential sites.

The Ramsey Sound site offers a number of benefits for the deployment of a demonstration project:

  • It is sheltered from prevailing wind and wave conditions
  • It has good water depths close to the mainland
  • It has fast tidal streams reaching up to 6 knots (3 m/s) on spring tides
  • It has a suitable grid connection
  • There are good port facilities and marine engineering capabilities nearby
  • No trawling or commercial shipping passes through the Sound
  • No obstructions are present – i.e. pipelines, telecoms cables or munitions sites


Current Status

The site survey work at Ramsey Sound and the technical design of the DeltaStream device have been completed.

TEL has received the Marine Licence necessary to proceed with the offshore part of the project in Ramsey Sound, and planning permission has been granted for the temporary onshore works at St Justinians.

TEL has been studying the environment (natural and man-made) at the site for over five years and will continue its environmental surveying work throughout the life of the project.

Having been built, assembled and commissioned at Pembroke Port, TEL successfully installed DeltaStream in Ramsey Sound in December 2015.