The Environment

TEL’s DeltaStream technology has been specifically designed and developed over several years to generate a sustainable source of clean and predictable electricity. A considerable number of environmental design features have been incorporated into the device to ensure that any potential effect on the surrounding environments (both natural and man-made) will be minimal.

TEL is highly sensitive to the potential environmental effects of its projects and always undertakes a thorough monitoring process to determine which sites are most suitable for deployment.

Once a site has been selected for project development, a detailed Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is carried out by independent, experienced, specialist consultants, and covers a range of issues including oceanography, marine ecology, ornithology, navigation, land-based issues and cultural heritage.

The EIA has been completed for the demonstration project in Ramsey Sound, Pembrokeshire, and TEL will continue to monitor the environment throughout the life of the project using the latest available technologies and techniques.

A Non-Technical Summary (NTS) for the Ramsey Sound project can be downloaded from the Resources section of the website. Similarly, the EIA Scoping Report for the St Davids Head array project can be found on our Resources page.