Our History

The DeltaStream concept was conceived by Richard Ayre, a marine engineer with over 30 years of experience managing marine civil projects, whilst establishing offshore wave monitoring equipment in Pembrokeshire.

An early version of the DeltaStream unit was tested on a small, experimental rig in Milford Haven in 2001, and was supported by Pembrokeshire Coast National Park through the Welsh Government’s Environment Development Fund (EDF). Tidal Hydraulic Generators Ltd, as it was then known, was renamed in 2007 as Tidal Energy Ltd.

Work since 2007 has focussed on financing, designing and developing the DeltaStream technology demonstration device, with the Company securing a range of external partners and associates to help realise that goal.

The Company has assembled a management team with strong marine engineering and renewable energy expertise, combined with extensive experience of successful renewable energy project development.