St Davids Head

© British Crown Copyright, 2005. All rights reserved.

© British Crown Copyright, 2005. All rights reserved.


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TEL has joined forces with Eco2 Ltd, a leading renewable energy development company, to develop a 10MW commercial array project at St Davids Head in Pembrokeshire.

The joint venture brings together technology, commercial and project management expertise, to optimise the economic benefit of the DeltaStream turbine and annual energy production.

An Agreement for Lease has been established with The Crown Estate to develop the project, which will operate for 25 years, while a grid connection has been secured with Western Power Distribution to export the electricity generated to the local grid. The consenting process commenced with the preparation of a Scoping Report.

The DeltaStream turbine currently being tested in Ramsey Sound will be developed further for the St Davids Head site. Prior to fabrication, design of the array turbines will use the real-time test of the Ramsey Sound project to optimise the business case required to construct the St Davids Head project by 2018/2019.

The project will comprise of up to 9 DeltaStream units, and will include the provision of inter array cabling, sub-sea electrical infrastructure and sub-sea export cable(s) offshore, as well as an onshore package control room/substation and the associated electrical infrastructure works to allow connection to the local distribution network.

St Davids Head has been selected as the site for the deployment of the demonstration array following careful consideration of a number of sites based on physical, environmental and policy constraints.

A number of consents will be required before construction commences. As part of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) that will be undertaken for this project, marine mammal interactions and the potential effects on designated species and habitats will be assessed.  TEL will use the long-term knowledge of the biological and physical environment gathered at its Ramsey Sound test site to feed into the St Davids Head project.

A Scoping Report for this project has been prepared by TEL on behalf of Tidal Energy Developments South Wales Ltd (TEDSWL), and can be downloaded from the Resources section of our website.